Refugee Children in the UK
Refugee Children in the UK
ИздательOpen University Press
АвторыJill Rutter, Gerald Grace, Meg Maguire and Ian Menter
К-во страниц236

Asylum migration causes intense media and political debate. However, little attention has been paid to how forced migrants can rebuild their lives in the UK or elsewhere. This timely book analyses the social policies that impact on refugee children's education, and:

- Provides the background to the migration of refugees

- Explores how dominant discourses about trauma homogenise and label a very diverse group of children

- Examines how policy towards refugees is made, and how it relates to practice

- Offers alternative visions for refugee settlement

Drawing on case studies of the experiences of refugee children, Refugee Children in the UK brings a much-needed insight into the needs of refugee children. It is valuable reading for academics, policy makers, students of education, sociology and social policy as well as education, health and social work professionals.

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